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We are situated on the left hand side of the R24 Highway between Edenvale and Isando on the way to JHB international airport, Kempton Caravans boasts one of the largest displays of caravans and outdoor goods under one roof. In our 900sqm leisure shop the outdoor enthusiast will find a huge selection of caravan spares, nylon and safari tents, roof top tents, cooler boxes and fridge/freezers in fact almost everything.                                                   

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Contact us now and learn of our "in house" specials on new  caravans.

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Changes at Kempton Caravans
Business News
03 Jul 2014
17885 Impressions
After over 30 years in the caravan and outdoor industry most family companies would think that its time to consolidate , wind down and possibly sell off and plan for that much needed retirement. We looked at the options said Larry Kreuiter, one of the owners of Kempton Caravans.
Author  156
Kempton Caravans
Care and Cleaning for Sleeping Bags
Practical Advice Advice
01 Jul 2014
158675 Impressions
Any time you wash a sleeping bag, you subject it to wear and tear and decrease the loft a little. Spot cleaning the shell with a paste of laundry detergent, water and a toothbrush isadvised before washing the whole thing. This is especially true around the hood and collar where hair and skin oils tend to accumulate.
Author  107
Groot Trek Kykweer
Business News
27 Nov 2013
451650 Impressions
The tough Jurgens XT 140 off-road trailer has endured some of the most challenging conditions Africa has to offer, covering more than five times the distance traveled by the Great Trek pioneers 175 years ago, and it will now embark on yet another Great Trek.
Author  1839
Jurgens CI - Head Office
Kyknets Safari Competition Winner
Business News
27 Nov 2013
438492 Impressions
If you followed the exciting fifth series of KykNets Safari 4x4 Roetes competition run from January 2 to March 26
Author  1967
Jurgens CI - Head Office
BIG5 on the Lebombo Traill
Business News
27 Jun 2013
98847 Imp
CAMPWORLD BIG 5 was invited by Jurgens-Ci to join them on Lebombo trail in the Kruger National Park to put their flagship off-road caravan, the Xplorer through it's paces.
Author  1036
U - Rent
Business News
05 Mar 2013
71289 Imp
“Try it before you buy it” , Caravan and Trailer Hire, Caravan Makes: Scout, Regal, Fleetline, Exclusive, Super Sport, and Swing
Author  851
Kempton Caravans
Caravan rentals now available from Kempton Caravans
Business News
11 Feb 2013
30206 Imp
Caravan rentals now available from Kempton Caravans
Author  1925
Kempton Caravans
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Please feel free to contact Kempton Caravans for any information regarding the products and services that we offer.  We boast an A-Grade caravan workshop and outsource canvas repairs to Canvas and Aluminium Concepts. You are welcome to visit us at our showroom, or contact us by telephone or e-mail. We look forward to being of service to you.