Aqua Rinse Spray Thetford

TA0002 30217AK

A master flush, an amazing smell, whilst saving water!
Thetford developed Aqua Rinse Spray for toilets that are connected to the vehicle’s central water tank, in which you cannot apply a flush water additive. Sprayed directly in the toilet bowl, it coats the bowl with a protective layer, providing a more effective flush. You will save water as it requires less flushing to keep a clean toilet. Using the improved Aqua Rinse Spray significantly contributes to saving water: Less flushes are needed to flush down the feces and to keep a clean toilet bowl without skid marks. When you use Aqua Rinse Spray, you are still allowed to empty your waste holding tank into a septic tank. It can be used in both plastic and ceramic toilet bowls. The improved Aqua Rinse Spray will be available for you for the 2023 season! All Thetford products are available worldwide through local dealers. For periodically cleaning of your toilet bowl, we advice to use Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

Coats the toilet bowl with a protective layer
Provides a smoother flush
Effective at preventing skid marks
Saves water as fewer flushes are required
Leaves a pleasant lavender scent long after spraying
Non-staining dye

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