Coupler AKS3004 1225158 Alko

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Stabiliser coupling AKS 3004
The first stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads: For driving stability and lane handling.

The number 1 in Europe!
The AKS™ 3004 featuring outstanding design and improved ergonomics noticeably suppresses snaking and pitching movements. The unique stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads ensures safe and relaxed driving with trailers up to a gross weight of up to 3,000 kg.

Anyone who is regularly on the road with a trailer or caravan, knows the problem: from one second to the next it can start to sway. A dangerous situation in which the vehicle combination can quickly take on a life of its own and break out. The AKS 3004 stabiliser coupling from AL-KO provides a helping hand here. A stabiliser coupling for caravans, also known as a “stabiliser” is mounted on the caravan’s drawbar instead of the coupling head. The caravan is then attached to the hitch of the towing vehicle. You can easily replace it yourself. You should be aware: The stabiliser coupling significantly reduces snaking movements from the vehicle combination of the towing vehicle and the caravan and driving is smoother.

Our tip: to protect the AKS™, we recommend weather-resistant, breathable and colourfast weather protection.

Your benefits:

Multiple test winner
4 friction pads working against snaking and pitching
Increases the critical driving speed (observe the legal speed limit)
The caravan can be stabilised more quickly in an emergency situation
Bracket for AL-KO Safety anti-theft protection
Complies with ISO 11555-1 (100 km/h permit possible)
Safety indicator shows whether the AKS™ is correctly seated on the ball
No complicated additional securing devices

How it works

Activating the stabilisation handle presses two friction pads against the towball of the car, from the left and right
The hitch and stabilisation handles are separate from one another, and each can be operated with one hand
Constant monitoring of the friction pads and coupling mechanism by wear indicators
Easy-to-replace friction pads
Locking receiver for AL-KO Safety hoods
Integrated Soft-Dock

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