Infrared Tank Top Gas Heater Alva


* We make this heater to fit directly on to a domestic gas cylinder. It doesn’t have a regulator and offers amazing warmth with minimal fuss.
* All you need is this heater and a cylinder with gas in it. Oh, and of course a lighter to light it.
* Your world is better with ALVA

* Screws directly onto cylinder
* Ideal for camping & outdoor domestic use
* Fits all 3/8” L-shaped cylinder valves
* Simple uncomplicated manual ignition
* High infrared heat output
* Solid portable design
* For outdoor use only
* Efficiently heats an area of upto 50m2
* 12 Month warranty

* Type of Gas LPG
* Cylinder Size (Recommended) Domestic 3kg, 4.5kg & 5kg
* Gas Consumption 369gr/hr at max
* Dimensions 220 x 155 x 240mm
* Weight 0.91kg
* Ignition Type Long match or long lighter
* Approved LPGSASA

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