Sim DriveMOz With Data Voucher


Moz sim card, legally registered (RICA) as per Mozambique Requirements. It is a pre-paid sim, we provide a recharge value for airtime and or data, but you have to convert the value to data when needed, like when you are about to enter Moz. This data is pre-paid and does not work on roaming.

Steps in the process after your order:

  • You order
  • You send documents (Proper Passport Scan & Selfie) including the date leaving the address
  • We Rica
  • We courier your order
  • We email vouchers & instructions (Check spam as well)
  • You select manually a Vodacom Mobile network
  • You load & convert the voucher to data. (do not use spaces to load voucher) – Convert only to data the day you are going to enter Moz
  • You change the Access Point Name if the Sim does not access the internet
  • You enjoy the trip, using DriveMoz on FB and Zello for updates
  1. The system sends you a confirmation of your order email. Check spam if you do not get it.
  2. You must then send a clear, coloured, scanned copy, or photo of your Passport to as well as a clear photo of yourself.
  3. In the Subject line put #Order-number of your order; “Pass-port Copy” ; Date Leaving Delivery Address –
    example: #1234; Pass-port copy, 3 Jan 2025

    1. It must be a square copy directly from above
    2. No shadows
    3. It must include the full photo page
    4. No fingers or reflections (Like a flash or light)
  4. Please also send a direct picture taken from front of yourself, its needed for the RICA process these days. Ensure a smaller size (<3MB) or else the email may bounce.
  5. It takes a few days to RICA the Sim, and order in time (Loadshedding and communication with Mozambique may delay the Rica process.)
  6. The sim is active for 90 days if not used, so you can order well in time.
  7. We will Rica the Sim to your name. The process of Rica means the SIM is linked to your name. Do not use someone else’s SIM, they might have been involved in something and you will be linked. Do not give your Sim to someone, they may do something illegal and you will be linked.
  8. We will provide your new Moz Mobile number as a convenience after we tested it. Double-check the mobile number by following the instructions once you received the SIM. We are not responsible for the correctness, typo’s may slip in.
  9. We will courier the Simcard, including other items you ordered, to the address you provided.
  10. Depending on how busy we are, we may load the recharge voucher directly to  your new mobile number, or else send you a recharge voucher for conversion to data.
    If you bought extra vouchers for data, we will also email that. (Check Spam, it gets emailed the same day as when the courier is ordered.
  11. We will email you the instructions.
  12. When you receive the SIM, test it. Do not wait until you are in Mozambique.
    1. Do a balance check, dial *100*03# after selecting Vodacom as Mobile Network (as shown in the instructions)
    2. If we send you a recharge voucher, then load it, else if we loaded it from our side, the balance should show some value.
  13. We do not load data to your number, you have to convert the balance to data yourself.
  14. The data is only valid for a certain number of days, depending on the package you chose using the instructions. So convert the balance to data (or part thereof) only on the day or day before, when you are going to enter Mozambique.
  15. If the sim does not access the internet, you may need to set up a new Access Point Name (APN) its easy do not panic. Follow the instructions.
  16. Keep some airtime for calls – your lodge, your legal assistance etc.


Interested in the Sim DriveMOz With Data Voucher?

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