AirOPUS® is a revolutionary folding camper for people who just want to get out there and have some fun. It is lightweight and extremely easy to tow, even with a small vehicle. Its low profile allows for all round visibility, so you can hitch up and drive away carefree and confident. But although it’s small, it’s also very strong; with two reinforced lids and a universal racking system AirOPUS® is the perfect load-carrying platform. Carry boats, boards, bikes, kites and kayaks, carry all your adventure toys! AirOPUS® is all about you. Create unforgettable memories with family and friends, visit your favorite nature spot, roam the Great Outdoors on the look out for new experiences, use it as a base camp for your favorite outdoor pursuits and at then end of a long day relax in the comfort and luxury that you deserve.


AirOPUS® has a serious suspension to suit tough African conditions. With heavy duty coil springs and dual shock absorbers, off-road tyres and serious rear departure angle, it will follow your tow vehicle wherever you want it to go!

AirOPUS® weighs under 1200 kg; which means it can be pulled with most family SUVs and many sedans. The electrically braked trailer comes complete with 7 pin electrics for easy hook-up, making towing a breeze!

The tough AirOPUS® chassis is fully galvanised and build with weight aluminium extrusions for extreme off-road articulation and robust durability in the most demanding terrain.


The AirOPUS® comes with some awesome features to give you that true camping feeling without the fuss.

The slide-out kitchen means you don’t have to miss a moment of fresh air and provides plenty of space to cook for all the family. The refrigerator is stowed in the powered front storage box and slides out for easy access. Plus, the exterior lighting means you’ll never have to cook in the dark again!

The AirOPUS® also features an outside shower with 160 Litres of on-board water with twin electric pumps. We can add roof bars or a cargo rack to carry your toys or gear and we include a rear-mounted spare wheel as standard so you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere!

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