Challenger 650



Our luggage trailers come in five different sizes, the Luggage- 400 being the smallest and the Luggage- 750 the largest of the range.

All trailers have a monocoque design, which is a construction technique that utilizes the external skin to support some or most of the structural loads, all panels are rigidized for added shell strength. 

The luggage trailers load-bins are manufactured from electro galvanized sheeting and floor platforms have structural re-enforcing, the load-bin and nose-cone lids have a overhanging design to provide not only a sleek and aesthetical pleasing appearance but is designed in such a manner as to totally encapsulate the rubber seals.

Our luggage trailers are all powder coated and cured in an oven at 210°C with white pressed rims.The load-bin is also conveniently fitted with 2 x crossbars (front & back) to accommodate add-on accessories such as a roof-rack or bicycle-rack.

All Luggage Trailers are equipped with the following standard items: Sleek design nose-cone, retractable jockey wheel, full size spare wheel fitted neatly and out of the way, solid beam axles with taper roller bearings, double locking safety clips on lid couplers.


  • Body Volumetric Capacity (Litres) 1049
  • Length over all (mm) 2980
  • Length inside body (mm) 1780
  • Width over all (mm) 1580
  • Width inside body (mm) 1155
  • Ground Clearance (mm) 350
  • Height over all (mm) 1230
  • Height inside (mm) 510
  • Height Rails (mm) N/A
  • With rear tailgate door YES
  • Lid roof rack YES
  • With left, front side door NO
  • Bolt on nose cone YES
  • Intergrated nose cone N/A
  • Spare wheel YES
  • Jockey Wheel YES


  • Tare mass (kg) 210
  • GVM (kg) 750
  • Pay load (kg) 540
  • Brakes N/A
  • Coupler (kg) 750
  • Axle length (mm) 1410
  • Axle capacity (kg) 750
  • Leaf spring (blade) 3
  • Wheels 155 x 13
  • Tyre (kg) 874

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